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5 Fun sleeping bags for camping trips

Your sleeping bag should be warm and practical, but there’s no reason why it can’t be fun, too. These unique camping sacks provide both shelter and amusement at the same time!

1Slumber in the Belly of the Beast

Star Wars Tauntaun carcass sleeping bag

ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Tauntaun carcass sleeping bag ($99.99) will keep you as warm as a Jedi Knight, whether you’re on the ice planet Hoth or a vacation campground.

Hans Solo slit open the belly of a dead, thick-skinned Tauntaun and placed Luke Skywalker inside to keep him from freezing to death.

The fully licensed Lucasfilm™ Collectible “stimulates the warmth of a Tauntaun carcass.” This high-quality sleeping bag features a built-in embroidered Tauntaun head pillow, a saddle, printed internal intestines and plush light saber zipper pull.

Measuring 33 in wide x 67 in long (not including head pillow or legs), the Tauntaun carcass is roomy enough for adults and lots of fun for kids 3 and up. With a plush interior and 100% polyester construction exterior, the sleeping bag is machine washable.

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2Go green

Yosemite Mummy sleeping bag

When camping in cool and cold weather, the eco-friendly Yosemite Mummy sleeping bag by EcoGear ($58.95) will keep you warm and insulated.

Featuring five pounds of recycled fill and a padded wind baffle for extra warmth, the Yosemite is rated to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag’s shell and liner are PVC-free, and the red and charcoal dye colors are non-toxic. The Yosemite containes no chlorine, phthalates or heavy metals.

Measuring 34 in wide by 86 in long, the mummy sack includes a compression bag that lets you pack it tightly… won’t take up valuable space while traveling!

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3A sleeping bag for sharing (and more)

Sexy Hotness sleeping bag

The Sexy Hotness sleeping bag ($149) is great for secret campfire trysts, but it’s also practical in countless other ways!

Zippers on both sides of the bag enable you to connect together as many sleeping bags as you’d like. And Sexy Hotness is extra roomy, making it perfect for those needing a little more space.

Centrally located middle zippers are ideal for the X-rated campers, but they also enable you to walk around without getting out of the bag. And built-in padded slippers really come in handy for those middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks.

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4Coleman Big Game sleeping bag The king of all sleeping bags

The Coleman Big Game sleeping bag ($71.80) holds true to its name. The king-size sack fits most people up to 6’5″!

You’ll be comfortable in temps as low as minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to six pounds of Coletherm insulation, a 10 ounce cotton canvas cover, the cotton flannel liner and full-cover construction… no cold spots!

Bonus: a matching cotton flannel pillow is included for extra comfort.

5Coleman Hibernation dog sleeping bagDon’t forget Fido!

We know your dog has fur, but he can get awfully chilly during those cold-weather camping trips.

The Coleman Hibernation dog sleeping bag ($33.18) is available in both small and large sizes. Wrapped up in his flannel-lined doggy bag, he might not be the best watchdog, but he will be cozy-warm.

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Find the right sleeping bag for you

How to size a sleeping bag

It’s a sleeping bag, not shrink wrap! Here’s how to make sure your next sack fits perfectly.

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