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5 Easy holiday hair ideas

It’s always great to change up our hairstyle for holiday parties. One of the reasons that the season is so fun is that we can experiment and glam up our look- for a reason! Check out some easy ideas for party hair to make you feel glamorous and festive.

casual messy updo

Casual, messy updo

This first look is great on day old or “dirty hair.” Here are the steps to get the look:

  • To create texture, either tease the hair all over or spray with a dry shampoo. Even good old fashioned baby powder (combed through well) can create great texture.
  • Grab your hair like you are pulling it into a ponytail and twist it towards your head.
  • Secure the hair with bobby pins.
  • If any ends are left out, either leave them for a more casual glam look or pin them back for a more polished, conservative look

Tip: Set looks with lots of hairspray

Wavy or curly updo

This second updo can be achieved by creating loose curls around your head with an iron or electric rollers. Next, take sections of your hair (larger sections if hair is thicker and smaller sections if thinner or shorter) and twist away from your face and pin to the back of your head. Finish with lots of hairspray. Some pieces may fall around your face to create a messy but chic style. Sometimes hair that is too formal can make us look older, so opt for the softer, messier updos for the holidays.

A different curl

Try an alternative curling iron to create a party-ready look: Cone curling irons such as Conair YouCurl are great to create easy curls without any kinks. Other curling irons on the market are double barrel irons (one to try is the Bi-Tube by Enzo Milano) that create an S-shape curl. For easy waves, try a wave iron like BedHead’s Wave Artist.

Sleek it up

Change up your usual look: If you usually wear your hair curly, try blow-drying hair straight with volume for an easy party look. To really change the look, try changing your part to the other side, or parting your hair down the middle. One celebrity trick: zig-zag your part to create volume at the crown.

Tip: Add sparkly clips or headbands to glam it up


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