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Catch a shower: The 2010 Leonid Meteor Shower, that is!

The 2010 Leonid meteor shower is on full view tonight, Nov. 17. Learn more about this exquisite show and how you can see it with your own eyes!

Leonid meteor shower 2010 is visible Nov. 17

It’s the perfect night — the perfect night for a meteor shower! The best time to view the Leonid meteor shower 2010 is tonight, Nov. 17.

The down side? You’ll either have to get up way too early or stay up way to late to see it: the annual Leonid meteor shower is best visible about three hours before sunrise, or right after the moon sets.

Where to see Leonid

“From the time of moonset until around 5:15 a.m. — when the first streaks of dawn begin to appear in the east — the sky will be dark and moonless,” Joe Rao skywatching columnist told Yahoo! News. “That interval will provide you with your best opportunity to see any Leonid meteors.”

The Leonid meteor shower happens around this time each November when the comet Tempel-Tuttle passes near Earth’s orbit and leaves little bits of debris behind. The gas and dust creates little explosions when it passes through our atmosphere. The result? An impressive show each year.

Leonid meteor shower watching tips

Planning to brave the time and weather to watch a little meteor action? Rao recommends dressing warmly and bringing a comfortable lawn chair.

“If you have a lawn chair that reclines, use it during your search for Leonid meteors since it will help keep your neck from getting stiff as well as make it easier to look at the night sky,” he told Yahoo! News.

Can’t catch it tonight? You still have a chance tomorrow night — the Nov. 18 is the last day it’s easily visible in the night’s sky.

Will you be watching?

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