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6 Fragrances perfect for fall

Find a fall fragrance that really complement’s your personality. Fall is filled with tons of earthy, woody and musk scents so why not take advantage of those cozy smells and find your signature fall scent. Try these six, delicious scents to get in the spirit of the season.

1Betsey Johnson Eau de Parfum

This signature Betsey Johnson scent is filled with notes of amber, tangerine, grapefruit, freesia and musk. It’s a cozy scent that will make you want to throw on a huge, comfy sweater, put on leggings and lay by the fire. It’s also great for anyone you walk by, this delicious scent will linger after you.

2Lola by Marc Jacobs

This perfume has lots of floral notes with a bit of musk, pear and vanilla to give it a sexy, come-hither scent. Lola is long-lasting through day and night and the bottle has a vibrant, multi-layered bouquet cap that will stand out. Also try the solid perfume ring so you can fit the scent into your purse and dab on-the-go.

3LAVANILA’s Vanilla Grapefruit

This fruity musk is practically mouth-watering and perfect when creating your signature scent. This is a luscious blend of lime, grapefruit, vanilla and cedarwood. The scent will give any girl a sweet, seductive smell that’s unforgettable and long-lasting.

4Bright Crystal by Versace

Though this scent is very floral, it’s also extremely refreshing. The mix of chilled yuzu, pomegranate, peony and magnolia’s are toned down to a perfect scent with musk and amber. This is a very sheer and versatile scent that’s perfect for fall or summer.

5Beach by Bobbi Brown

You don’t have to say goodbye to sea salt and sand just because it’s fall. Always have a reminder of warm beaches and sunshine around you with this fragrance. This light scent has notes of jasmine, sea spray and mandarin that will bring you to paradise anytime, anywhere.

6Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel

This is the newest scent incarnation of Chance with a fresher take. This is a light, zesty and floral scent with notes of citrus, water hyacinth and jasmine. The burst of zest is mixed with the unexpected, welcomed scents of amber of patchouli and fresh vetiver. This scent is great for fall with its perfect balance of floral notes and musk scents.

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