7 Steps to the perfect smokey eye

The smokey eye is a classic look that can look gorgeous on everyone! The trick is in choosing the right colors and applying them correctly. The smokey eye is actually a versatile look because you can choose colors to match the occasion and your mood.

Smokey eye makeup

7 Steps to bombshell eyes

Apply primer

Prep your lids with an eye shadow primer so the color will not run.

Choosing the right colors

Choose two complimentary colors in a light and dark tone. Classic smokey eyes usually use a light grey and a dark, gunmetal shade. Other hues to try are a pale violet and purple or beige and a metal brown.

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Use light colors first

Apply the light shade across your entire lid to above your crease line.

Darken it up

Using an angled eye shadow brush, apply the darker shade in the crease of your eye, along the outer corner of the eyelid and across the upper lash line.

Don’t forget the bottom

Apply the same darker color along your bottom lash line.

Line the eyes

Next, take a black or brown eyeliner and apply to your upper lash line and gently smudge.

The finishing touch

Finally, apply 2-3 coats of a volumizing black mascara.

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