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Facebook is expected to unveil a new Facebook email platform Monday. Will you make the switch to a email address? will announce a new @Facebook email service Monday

Will Facebook kill Gmail? That’s what some tech industry experts are saying ahead of Monday’s Facebook announcement.

The social media giant is expected to announce a new email service similar to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! during an event in San Fransisco. The email, ending in, will allow users to use the Facebook platform to message people who aren’t one of Facebook’s 500 million users.

Google and Facebook’s little spat

Facebook’s email platform will be another way for the social media site to integrate fully into your life — no need to go outside of Facebook for commnication when it’s all right there.

Also, many believe this Facebook email announcement is another way for Mark Zuckerberg to get back at Google for denouncing the way Facebook uses personal data.

Will you use it?

We aren’t so sold on the Facebook email, especially given all of the security holes on Facebook. We don’t really have anything super personal on our Facebook profiles, but a glitch earlier this year sent private messages to random users. We just don’t like that — we don’t want anyone reading our email and we don’t really want to read your email either.

So, unless Facebook figures out a way to increase security, we’ll stick with Gmail for now. Will you use it?

Stay tuned to SheKnows for an update on the Facebook email announcement!

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