5 Best laptops for moms

Today’s moms want a laptop computer that is portable, functional, fast and kid-proof … or at least crumb proof. We talk with experts and real moms to find out their top picks for the best laptops for moms.

Whether you are using it to edit and store baby photos, update your family blog, run your at-home business or just to check email, find out what laptops are ranked best for busy moms on–the-go.


Sony vaio

Sony Vaio

Suzanne Kantra, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Techlicious, says that she loves the style and power, as well as the kid-proof features of the Sony Vaio EB series. “[It has] an optional keyboard cover that can protect crumbs or other debris from getting caught between the keys.”


MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Do your kids love watching videos on your computer? If so, Kantra recommends the new MacBook Air. “The solid state flash drives on the Macbook provide excellent protection from rough treatment and you feel safe giving it to your kids to watch videos,” she says. “The near-instant-on capability makes it easy to jump online at a moment’s notice to look up your schedule, send a quick email or search information online.”

3Dell InspironDell Inspiron

Amy Shoaff said the fun pink color may have drawn her in, but the cool features made her a huge fan of the Dell Inspiron laptop. “I run a small business from home in between naps and preschool, and my computer has never given me problems. I even downloaded the gigantic Quickbooks software on it,” she says. “I got to customize it when I bought it and it came with more fun things included that I didn’t buy, like photo editing! It’s lightweight so I can take it to the park and it’s thin so I can slip it in my diaper bag … and did I mention it’s PINK?!”

4GammaTech DuraBookGammaTech DuraBook

If you are a busy mom on-the-go and you plan on lugging your laptop everywhere from the park to Starbucks, you may want to consider the GammaTech DuraBook Ruggedized laptop. This laptop is shock resistant and spill resistant – so no more crying over spilt milk! Your data is always backed up and locked in, and it can withstand everything from drops to spills and dirt.


I know some may say the iPad is not actually a laptop, but more of an iPhone/laptop hybrid, but for the sake of this article, we are categorizing it as a laptop. The iPad is light, portable – and your kids will think you are the coolest mom at the playground toting this around. Its built-in features include Safari, photos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, App Store, Maps and videos. This is perfect for watching videos on the airplane or in the car. It includes an iBooks app, which allows you to buy and read eBooks right from your iPad. The App store also allows you to download fun and educational games to keep kids busy. The only problem with the iPad is you might have a hard time getting it back from your kids!

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