Where to wear red other than your lips

The red lip trend is hot, but there plenty of other ways to wear red. For example, bold, fire-engine red is showing up everywhere! Here’s how you need to wear it.

Day or night, lots of celebrities are sporting a red lip this season, but don’t forget all the other ways you can wear red! A crimson pop is a great accent to any outfit. When wearing all neutrals or a patterned look, adding a red accent will keep you ahead of the curve this season.

red Tights

Colored tights are very popular, and red is the color to wear.

RED Heels

Don’t just leave it to the signature red sole, wear red all over so your shoes can have a shining moment.

RED Clutch

A bright red handbag can go with almost anything. It should be your go-to clutch day and night.

Red Nails

Rihanna loves her red nails in her The Way You Lie video, and it’s exactly the color to copy. Bright and vibrant red nails are a classic and eye-catching.

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