Katy Perry makes nail art the new accessory

Katy Perry has not only made nail art a hot, new accessory, but she regularly shares her fun and funky nail style updates with her Twitter followers. Here are some of her most iconic designs yet!

Katy is Obsessed

Katy Perry is a girl who likes to surprise and shock… not only with her music, but also with her nails. She’s got the trendy looks and cutting edge music, and now Katy Perry is celebrating her new love of nail design. Not long ago the music star tweeted:

Just told a woman that I was obsessive over nails & she replied “any woman is” I don’t think she’s seen my Kitty, Oompa or Russell nails…

Considering that you have matched your nails with your stage theme and expressed your devotion to your man on your fingernails, we have to agree with you Katy: No woman is as obsessed with nail art as you are! But surely we all will be obsessing after seeing your cute designs!


katy perry sprinkle nails

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