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Find a new fragrance with a perfume sampler


Finding a new perfume can be overwhelming — but with a fragrance sampler from Sephora, you can find your perfect perfume at your own pace.

sephora fragrance sampler perfume your signature scent

Sniffing one fragrance after the other can result in a bad headache, and you still may walk out with the wrong one. Compared to what you smell right out of the bottle, a perfume mingles with each womans body chemistry — and ultimately smells different on every woman. When trying to find a new signature scent or occasional new spice, wearing the fragrance for longer periods of time could help you find the perfect one for you.

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Try a perfume sampler

Sephora has put together new fragrance sampler ($50) sets for the holidays that let you take a number of scents home for the price of one. Wear a different scent each day to find your perfect match! There is even a sampler for men to find him the right one. The small bottles are also a great traveling size, so you can take your favorite with you while traveling for the holidays.

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