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4 Lip shades to wear this holiday season

Trying a new lip shade is so harmless, so why not get out of the box? Try one (or all) of these four lip trends during the holiday season!


The most daring and trendy lip color of the season is plum. A dark plum lip is best for nighttime, to compliment your little black dress.

Pale Pink

If you are just easing into lip colors, then pale pink is the way to do it. Try just one color up from clear to stand out a bit more without blending in.


You can’t disregard the classic lip shade. Made popular years ago, red lips have made a huge comeback and are a great accessory for your holiday parties.


A great nude lip brings attention to the lips in a subtle way. When you are wearing heavy eye makeup, a nude lip is the best way to avoid looking overdone and show off your lip shape.

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