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Tips for purchasing gifts for the home

Unless you’re a design pro, shopping for home gifts can be an overwhelming experience, especially when shopping for someone else. Take the guesswork out of shopping for home gifts with the help of these home gift trends and expert shopping tips.

Home gift trends

Before you begin shopping for home gifts, it’s important to learn about current home décor trends. According to New York-based interior designer Marlaina Teich, owner of Marlaina Teich Designs, home décor is all about driftwood stained pieces, velvet upholstery and textured wallpapers. “Driftwood finishes are edging out espresso colors — they look more natural and effortless,” Teich said.


Most importantly, Teich points out that quality is taking priority over disposable home items. “Investing in a few key pieces (new or vintage) can add personal style and a polished look,” she said.

Now that you’re caught up on home décor basics, check out these simple home gift tips:

unique home giftsHome gifts tip

Know the style

If you’re shopping for your own home, hone in on your style. Do you prefer country, traditional, casual, or modern? Look at the items around you to help you determine your personal style.

Shopping for a home gift for someone else? “Individual style preference can make the difference between a fabulous gift and a soon to be ‘re-gift’!” Teich said. “This isn’t the time to express your own whimsical urges.” So, she recommends sticking to neutral fabrics and patterns for unique home gifts that can be easily placed in any décor style. “Select a warm, cozy throw blanket, pillar candles in clear hurricane glass vessels, or teak wood drink coasters,” Teich recommended.

Fabric swatchHome gifts tip

Know the colors

Do your homework. First, it’s important to know your color scheme. Teich suggests bringing a fabric sample, paint swatch or even a pillow from the room you’re shopping for. “Our color memory is notoriously short so it’ll help to have a reminder with you,” she said.

Home gifts tip

Size matters

Keep scale and proportion in mind. “You don’t want to have one oversized piece next to a small piece,” Teich said. “Make sure you have varying sizes or patterns within any grouping.”

stylish housewarming giftsHome gifts tip

Consider the lifestyle

Think ahead. Do you have a family or plan to in the near future? Do you have pets? All of these factors come in to play when selecting home gifts for yourself or others. Check out these stylish housewarming gifts for a variety of home gift ideas.

fab finds for the bedroomHome gifts tip

Make a list

Before shopping for home gifts, it’s important to make a list of the items you’re shopping for. “This will help keep you focused,” Teich said. Do some online searches and flip through decorating magazines to get an idea what you’re looking for. Then, set priorities based on what you need first. If your bedroom is in need of decorating pronto, check out these fab finds for the bedroom.

Home gifts tip

Hostess giftSet a budget

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, it’s important to have a budget in mind before you fall in love with an over-priced “must have” piece of art. Check out affordable home décor stores such as HomeGoods, Target and Tuesday Morning for amazing home gift deals. These are great spots to find fabulous host and hostess gifts, too!

Home gifts tip

Go with your gut and have fun!

When shopping for home gifts for yourself or others, remember to go with your gut! When it comes to your own home, don’t be afraid to take a risk. As Teich mentioned, it’s best to play it safe when it comes to home gifts for others, though.

Most importantly, have fun! Your home should express your personal style and unique taste.

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