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Adjust your beauty routine for winter

When the weather gets chilly, it’s time to change your skincare and makeup routine. Cold, windy winter weather can zap the life out of your skin, leaving it dull and dry. With some TLC and the right products, your skin will look fabulous all winter long.

Winter beauty

Winterize your makeup

Use a hydrating foundation. In the summertime, you can get away with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer. In the winter, you might need a heavier, creamy foundation instead. Look for foundation with moisturizing ingredients and botanical extracts to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

Switch to a cream blush. Powder blush isn’t the best choice for dry skin. If your skin gets drier in colder temperatures, consider switching to a cream or gel blush. Creams deliver dewy-soft color, while gels provide a quick-drying tint.

Get dark, glossy lips. This winter, purple lipstick is a hot trend. When the holidays roll around, deep true red and shades of cranberry and wine are top choices, as well. Use a cream formula lipstick rather than matte. Creams contain more moisture and resist cracking. Add a dab of lip gloss on top of your lipstick for extra shine.

Winter beauty secrets

The editors of InStyle, Ultimate Beauty Secrets offer these winter skin care tips. The book is available now for $22.95 in bookstores nationwide and at

  • Supplement your skin routine. If you have dry skin that is flaky, wash your face with dandruff shampoo instead of your regular cleanser once a month; this reduces the yeast levels that cause scaly skin.
  • Brighten up. Refresh your complexion by dipping a washcloth in soy milk and resting it on your face for 10 minutes once a week. Soy is a skin brightener and contains phytoestrogen, a plant-derived estrogen that is thought to help prevent wrinkles.
  • Stay hydrated. Keep skin hydrated on cold nights with a make-it-yourself humidifier: Hang a wet towel from the doorknob overnight (wring out the edges to prevent drips); by morning, the towel will be dry but your skin won’t.
  • Adjust your color. To make summer foundation work in winter, dab a little foundation on your hand, then squeeze a pea-size blob of SPF 30 on top and mix until the sunscreen blends completely with the foundation, lightening it by a shade or two.
  • Moisturize dry lips. Lips extra dry? Combine 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon sugar to exfoliate them. Blend the two ingredients in your hand, then apply the mixture in a circular motion for 90 seconds before wiping off.

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