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How to pick the perfect blush


Blush, or “rouge” as your grandma probably called it, comes in various formulas. The perfect blush should add a little color to your cheeks and emphasize your cheekbones. Follow our tips for picking blush that’s perfect for you.


Powder blush

Ideal for oily skin but suitable for any skin type, powder blush is the most popular formula. For long-lasting color, you can’t beat powder blush. It’s highly pigmented and dense, delivering color that lasts all day. Powder blush is best applied with a brush, but you can put it on with your fingertips or a sponge as well.

Cream blush

If your skin is dry, cream blush is the answer. Cream blush contains hydrating, nourishing ingredients that moisturize and deliver semi-sheer color. Apply it with your finger tips for best results, after foundation but before your finishing powder.

Tint blush

Tint blush offers sheer color in a liquid formula. It often looks streaky when applied on top of foundation. Apply and blend quickly because once it’s set, cheek tint generally doesn’t budge until you wash it off.

Gel blush

Gel blush usually comes in a tube and can be applied with fingertips or a sponge. These water-resistant formulas are fast drying and can be hard to blend. Gel blush delivers fresh, dewy color and typically works best on oily or normal skin.


For evening, shimmers are a fabulous choice for a little sparkle. Shimmer isn’t just for cheeks, either: You can apply shimmer powder, gel or cream to your forehead, the corners of your eyes and your cleavage.

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