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Prevent tipsy Facebook posts with The Social Media Sobriety Test

The new web application The Social Media Sobriety Test makes questionable emails, tweets and Facebook posts a thing of the past. Read on to learn if you’re guilty of FWI (Facebooking While Intoxicated) and how this app can help curb your habit.

Social Media Sobriety Test application helps prevent questionable social media posts

Remember last New Year’s Eve?

No, not the party — we’re talking about what happened when you got home.

If you’re like many social media-savvy women, you hopped on your computer and started drunk Facebooking — making several questionable posts and uploading some questionable photos. Then you went to sleep.

The next morning, you were horrified to see what you did. You tried to delete the offending info, but it was too late — your family and friends already commented on your drunk Facebooking.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you should check out the just-released app The Social Media Sobriety Test.

Stay away from the FWI

The creators behind The Social Media Sobriety Test know the risks of FWIs — Facebooking While Intoxicated — and developed the app to help fun-loving people keep their personal and professional reputations intact the morning after a fun night out.

“In the old days, all you had to worry about was drunk dialing — a randomly placed call to an ex was certainly embarrassing but it was limited to him/her and maybe a few friends. Today, the consequences of a stupid blog post, ill-advised photo [or drunk Facebook posting] can be instantaneously spread around the globe,” said Jeremy Seibold, one of the pros behind the app.

How it works

The Social Media Sobriety Test was developed by software company Webroot and is available for free on their website. It allows you to block certain websites for a set amount of time — all completely customized by you. The app works with all social media and email websites, like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Tumblr, along with blogs and email accounts like Gmail.

Once you set off-limits times, you have to pass a series of social media sobriety tests to gain access to your account.

What kind of tests? Simple tasks when you’re sober; not-so-simple tasks when you’re drunk, including “drag your mouse in a straight line,” “type the alphabet backwards” and our personal favorite, “follow the finger.”

Reputation saveR

It might seem like a novelty, but an app that prevents drunk Facebooking certainly has function for everyday life. Photos, blog posts and emails are kept on the internet in perpetuity, even if you’ve deleted them. If you value a party — and your professional reputation — consider downloading The Society Media Sobriety Test. You’ll be thankful in the morning.

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