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Look slim & stay warm all winter

Though you might be tempted to pack on layers of bulky clothing this winter, don’t. You can stay warm and look chic without bulking up.

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1Wear thermal underwear.

Don’t pack on thick sweaters and heavy coats. Instead, insulate your body with thin, warm layers that don’t add much bulk. Start with form-fitting thermal underwear. It should be relatively tight (but not binding) and made from a moisture-wicking fabric. A big plus of thermal underwear is that it helps hide bulges and back fat, creating a slimmer look. If you don’t like thermal underwear, start with shapewear instead. Wear a quality push-up bra and a body shaper that smooths and flattens your stomach while slimming your hips and thighs. The right shapewear can take off pounds in seconds.

2Invest in cashmere.

One quality cashmere sweater will keep you twice as warm as two or three cheap cotton ones. Cashmere is luxurious and warm without being bulky. Cashmere cardigans, turtlenecks and pullover sweaters are worth the investment. Look for cashmere on sale at the end of summer and throughout fall as stores make room for their new winter inventories.

3Wear clothes that fit.

An oversized coat and baggy pants might seem like a good idea, but big clothes make you look bigger than you are. Instead, buy a coat that fits well. When shopping for a coat, wear the type of clothes that you normally wear this time of year. The coat needs to fit over your sweaters without binding. You should be able to bend over, raise your arms and move all around without pulling or creating bulges that will make you look heavier.

4Go dark.

All your winter clothes don’t have to be black, but they should be dark for you to look your slimmest. Charcoal grey, deep plum, chocolate brown and dark cranberry are all fantastic color choices for wintertime. To perk up your look, add brightly colored scarves, hats, jewelry and other accessories; they can take a dull, dark winter outfit from drab to fab.

5Slim your legs.

When wearing a dress or skirt, put on dark wool stockings underneath for a slimming effect. Instead of flats, wear boots or shoes with a heel to elongate the look of your legs, making them appear slimmer. Avoid shoes with ankle straps, which can make your ankles look thicker. When it comes to pants, wear lined trousers to the office to stay warm. On the weekend, slim bootcut or slighly flared jeans create a thinner silhouette.

6Emphasize your assets.

If you are heavy in the hips and thighs, you’ll want to emphasize your neck, collarbone and bustline. Choose sweaters with unique necklines and interesting buttons. Funnel and cowlneck sweaters are fantastic because they draw the eyes upward, taking the emphasis away from problem areas. If you are thick waisted, avoid boatneck tops or cropped sweaters, which create a “boxy” look. If you are heavy on top and have thin legs, wear a dark sweater with a patterned skirt or pants.

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