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Urban Outfitters offers custom lip color

Urban Outfitters has taken us by surprise with its new beauty match program. Now we have no reason to be upset when our favorite color gets discontinued.

urban outfitters color match cosmeticsGet a custom color

Are you the woman who buys out that special lipstick shade in the cosmetic store because you’re scared to live without it? Fear no longer, thanks to Urban Outfitters Custom Blended Lip Color Mail-In Program. Yep — now Home Depot isn’t the only place where you can get your favorite swatch matched.

Simply mail in your favorite color in some form: an old lipstick, fabric swatch from a shirt, ail color, headband or any other form of the special shade you can’t live without. Three custom color specialists will analyze your shade for color, texture and coverage, and create a unique lipstick just for you. Choose gloss or lipstick; add shimmer or go matte… it is all up to you.

The processing time is a short two weeks, and they will always keep your color on hand. Now you’ll never have to stalk the beauty store or move on from your favorite lip shade.

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