FrostWire: the alternative to Limewire

Oct 27, 2010 at 2:55 p.m. ET

FrostWire is touted as the alternative to the service formerly known as Limewire. What is FrostWire and is it worth it?

Frostwire is the alternative to the LImewire shut down

Fans of Limewire are lamenting the site's demise, but many have already found their alternative: FrostWire.

Similar DNA

Limewire and FrostWire share more than a similar name -- they're also made from the same source code, so FrostWire is pretty similar in setup.

FrostWire touts itself as the "Fastest BitTorrent+Gnutella P2P Program" and has been around for nearly six years. Interestingly, it's available on Windows and Android, meaning illegal downloaders can get their files on-the-go.

Illegal downloads = no no!

Now, we're not telling you to start using FrostWire to download music illegally. We stopped doing it back when Napster was still around and the RIAA sued normal, everyday people for their hard-earned cash. It's not worth it because the RIAA loves to sue and they usually win.

Instead, take a look at FrostWire's sister website, FrostClick. The site offers free, legal downloads for anyone who wants to click.

The problem? You're not going to find the last Taylor Swift single on FrostClick, but you might discover a few new bands you'll love.

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