Celebrities who dress like every day is Halloween

We get inspired daily by celebrity style, but some looks just aren’t steal-able. These celebrities are individuals and rock their own styles — but if this is what they’re wearing every day, we wonder… What will they dress up as on Halloween?

Britney Spears

Every child star has her lash-out moments, and poor Britney has had too many of them. Here she is wearing a pink wig while running some errands around town.

Kat Von D

No faux here: Jesse James’ on-and-off love interest will have these tattoo sleeves for the long haul…

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is known for her sultry retro style; even her day-to-day look includes the bold, red lip — but she glams it up to the fullest on the red carpet.

Amy Winehouse

The hair bump that started it all belongs to Amy Winehouse. While she is singing about going to rehab, her white tank top, colored bra and over-dramatic eyeliner has made costume history.