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12 Cheap and cheerful ways to get your home ready for holiday guests


Thanksgiving is around the corner, followed closely by Christmas, which means your home will soon be full of holiday guests. As tempting as it is to panic that your house is hardly presentable for the mailman to drop by, let alone the influx of family and friends sure to be knocking, fear not. We’ve put together a list of affordable ideas to get your home refreshed, organized and ready for even your mother-in-law’s approval.


1BathroomReplace old towels

If your towels are tattered and threadbare, this is your excuse to replace them. You don’t need to go overboard with pricey bath sheets, but a few new hand towels in bold shades can brighten up your bathroom. Use your current color scheme as a guide and choose one or two complementary hues. Hang some towels on the rack, but we also suggest placing an unused stool by the sink and displaying a pile of neatly folded towels on top for easy access and added elegance.

2Clear the counter

One of the most important ways you can get your home ready for guests this season is to clear your counter of unnecessary items. A clean, uncluttered countertop gives your bathroom an instant facelift and makes your home look organized. A nice liquid soap and hand cream should be the only things on the counter when guests arrive, with the exception of simple decor items such as candles or a dried flower arrangement (dried hydrangeas are always beautiful). Place all other toiletries in small baskets under the sink.

3Add some greenery

If you have enough light in your bathroom, plants can instantly brighten the space. Find some pretty containers (baskets or clay pots work well) and add your plants of choice. Place on the counter or anywhere they are sure to receive enough light (and remember to water!).

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