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10 Makeup bag must-haves for winter

The winter season calls for some changes in your makeup bag. Check out these 10 makeup bag must-haves to ensure your collection is up-to-date.

Spilled makeup bag


“Don’t forget the sunscreen, even though it’s not warm out, skin can still be damaged – especially if there’s snow on the ground, says Erin Dougherty of Matter Communications for CVS/Pharmacy. For your face (which may be the only skin uncovered!) use CVS/pharmacy Brand Oil Free Faces sunscreen – developed specially for faces, the light formula won’t clog pores or cause irritation,”

Estee Lauder bronzerTint

Hair and makeup artist Heather C. Adessa says every winter makeup bag should have a light bronzer to warm up skin tone. She recommends Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Shimmer.

In addition to the face, consider a body luminizer, says Carie Brescia, a Philadelphia-based makeup expert, “Try Scott Barnes’s Body Bling. It gives a red carpet glow.”


Makeup expert Becca Bouchard says if you’re not a big bronzer fan, “Dial back on the bronzer and pick a new blush color. Something in a true pink or berry tone will give you that fresh-from-the-outdoors, cheeky flush.”

Clarins Sun Wrinkle CreamEye Cream

Candice Sabatini, freelance beauty editor and writer recommends eye cream, such as Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control SPF 30. “The delicate skin around your eyes can get really damaged by cold air and harsh winds. Even though you might apply in the AM, applying eye cream mid-day when you leave your office will keep the skin around the eyes protected.”

Good lashes

Every makeup bag should have fine quality mascara or you can take it up a notch. Brescia recommends #53 Ardell False Eye lashes, “They’re the perfect pair for the office holiday party. Glam but not garish!”

Makeup brushesClean tools

“Clean your makeup brushes!” says Bouchard. “During the summer months, sweat and oil build up on your brushes, so this time of year is crucial for a good scrub. Ideally brushes should be cleaned once a week, but some of us forget this important step in our makeup routines. A regular rinse with cleanser will also cut down on bacteria in your makeup and on your skin, helping keep you blemish free.”


“Lipstick is back. It’s ultra feminine and glamorous,” says Senna Cosmetics owner and celebrity makeup artist, Eugenia Weston.

Bouchard chimes in, “Don’t be afraid to wear a solid red or rich cranberry lipstick. It’s daring, sexy and looks great with the paler skin and flushed cheeks this season brings. There’s a shade for everyone, I promise!”

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Chapstick-SPFLip balm

“Protect lips, too, with a lip product containing SPF, like Chapstick Lip Balm Ultra-30,” says Dougherty.

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‘Tis the tissue season. Brescia recommends tissue for every makeup bag. Use it for your nose or to assist in touching up makeup.

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“A great moisturizer is a must-have for winter. I use straight-up cocoa butter on my face as a night cream throughout the winter,” says Jamie Bushman owner of The Circle Salon in Chicago.

Adessa also says to stock up on moisturizer, but it’s not just about your face and body: “Use a heavy hand cream so that you never have that dry-hand feeling.” She suggests using Eurcerin. Hollywood makeup artist Brett Freedman calls Vaseline the “cure-all” and says it’s a must-have for any gal’s wintertime makeup bag.

Another opinion, “Aquaphor is the best all-around moisturizer,” says Brescia who also reminds ladies, “Look for skincare products that have the word cream not lotion. Lotions are always lighter on the skin and we need something with a little more oomph as the temperature starts to drop.”

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