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Shop to fit your body type online

Finding clothes that flatter can be challenging, no matter how you slice it — but it’s especially risky when you’re shopping online and can’t try things on. Here’s where you can click right now to start shopping for your body type, rather than your size.

The right dress for you

All good companies begin with a solution to a universal problem. The founders of Shabby Apple couldn’t find stylish dresses that were appropriate for the office, and their frustration became our blessing. With two women behind the operation, this is one woman-friendly site.

Not only are their categories are broken down by “flirty” or “sophisticated,” but they also have a few style tools to make finding your perfect dress a piece of cake.

It’s as easy as answering a few simple questions about you and your body, such as where you tend to wear extra pounds and how you typically embrace your best feature. Along with their clever style tools, Shabby Apple also has cute accessories to go with your new little black dress.

steal the look


The Fifth Avenue dress is perfect for fall with a sharp tailoring and giraffe print. It’s a steal at only $82!

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