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5 Surprising uses for lip balm

Lip balm is just made for lips, right? Wrong! It turns out lip balm can be used on many other body parts. Here are five surprising lip balm uses.

Woman rubbing lotion on elbowsJoints

No one likes dry, scaly skin, but surprisingly, lip blam can me a miracle worker for more than your luscious lips. Lip balm can be used for any type of chapping. Just ask Jamie Bushman, owner of The Circle Salon in Chicago: “I rub it into my knuckles and elbows when they are dry,” she says. Also try lip balm on your knees and feet.


Bushman and Patty Gatter of Scottie Girl cosmetics both vote for lip balm as a cuticle moisturizur. It’s not messy and is easy to apply. Bushman says, “It’s easy to massage into dry cuticles.”

Felicia Alva, a licensed esthetician, educator and makeup artist in Los Angeles points out, “If it can hydrate lips, why not your cuticles too?”

Woman looking at split endsHair

Fingernails aren’t the only things that dry out. “I will use lip balm to smooth the ends of my hair, especially in the winter when my hair is dry,” says Bushman. “It is great for curly or very porous ends that need a little extra attention. A little goes a long way.”


Just because you’re using other products on your lips doesn’t mean you have to skip the body part lip balm was made for. “Lip balm should be used even when you’re using lipstick, if fills in cracks and makes a even surface for the next product being placed on the lips!” says hair and makeup artist Heather C. Adessa.

Also try lip balm on other features. “Lip Balm can be used lightly on the eyelids with eyeshadow to give a shimmer,”says April Meese, owner of Customized Beauty Ltd.

Anne Taintor’s Strawberry Daiquiri lip balm is soft, offers SPF 15 and has a nice tint.

Woman sneezingNoses

“I know a lot of people who get dry noses from having a cold during the winter from those darn scratchy tissues!” says Adessa. “I tell people to get a medicated chapstick and simply write “N” (for nose) on the top, so you don’t use it for your lips, and use that on your nose when you’re done blowing. It soothes the skin around the nose so that it doesn’t dry and get flaky, and since it’s in a stick you don’t have to put your finger to apply it to your nose for sanitary reasons.”


Margot Grant, beauty director of Elizabeth Grant Skincare Intl, suggests using lip balm to tame eye-brows gone a-stray.

Alva echoes this trick. “In a pinch I’ve used lip balm as a brow tamer, along with a spoolie brush/wand.” Simply apply a little to the eyebrows and use your eyebrow brush for shaping.

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