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The makeup-free makeup look

If you think the makeup-free look means you have to have been born with flawless skin and perfect features, think again. The experts are here today to show us how you can get that care-free look without too much work.

Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry

Calvin Klein once said, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

Laura Kronen, an image consultant and lifestyle coach agrees. “Truth be told, you do not need to be a model or even look like one to look incredible without a lot of makeup,” she says. And according to her, it should only take you a few minutes to do it.

Start with clear, even skin


“For starters, begin with a blank, freshly cleaned, properly moisturized canvas.” The next step is to even out your skin tone. Kronen recommends an all-in-one foundation-primer: “One of the best products on the market is Per-fekt skin perfecting gel. Apply to face and neck and this mousse-like substance is quickly absorbed, [leaving your skin] luminous and well, perfect.” Next, take a little concealer and spot-cover anything that needs a bit of evening out: acne marks, sun spots and blemishes. “A favorite [concealer of mine] is Laura Geller Caulk,” says Kronen.

Everyone looks healthier with a tan, but we all know that tanning is super bad for you, so lightly brushing a bronzer all over your face, eyelids and neck using a big fluffy brush is a must.



Enhance your eyes


Follow that up with a neutral base eyeshadow. “A great one is Dune by Nars Cosmetics, and a nude eye pencil lined on the inside of your lower rims. A favorite is Stila’s Topaz, which brightens and awakens your eyes.” Then curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply mascara. “Maybelline makes the best (and most inexpensive) ones,” Kronen says.

Now dust some illuminating powder all over your face to set it all and take away any shine. “That really polishes off your face,” Kronen says. “Stila Illuminating Powder is far superior to anything else I have tried.” Add some brow gel to keep brows neat and in place. Last, apply a pink-toned natural lipgloss, like Lorac Couture Lip Shine in Muse. Now your face is natural but polished and your look is makeup-free.

Kronen reminds ladies,  “Apply makeup in natural light. Find the nearest window facing the sun and prop up a mirror there. Your makeup will always look infinitely better.”



  • Tinted moisturizer: “Using a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation or powder, definitely gives you a clean, makeup-free look,” says hair and makeup artist Heather C. Adessa.
  • Use eyeshadow as eyeliner: “It’s softer, creating the depth in the eye without the harshness from the bold color of the pencil or gel,” Adessa says.
  • Light gloss or lip balm: “I think a light gloss close to the color of your lip just is a good look for anyone,” she says. It’s natural but just pumped up a tiny bit.” A sheer lip balm also adds a touch of shine without looking too gaudy — and you get the bonus of hydrated lips!
  • Blush: Use just a touch of peachy-pink blush — or even swap out for bronzer.
  • Say “Ouch!”: Jamie Bushman owner of The Circle Salon in Chicago suggests the biting the lips trick for adding natural lip color and fullness. “I love my grandma’s old trick of pinching my cheeks for a rosy look. And of course, just using an eyelash curler can open up the eyes dramatically without even using mascara.”

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