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Kate Walsh introduces a new fragrance

Friday night cuddling, nice dinners and flowers are all part of the boyfriend package, but sometimes, what we really miss when things don’t work out is his scent. That was Kate Walsh’s thinking when she created Boyfriend, her new perfume debuting in November 2010.

kate walsh with her boyfriend fragrance perfume

Confused yet?

We’ve been incorporating menswear into women’s fashion trends for decades, but now Kate Walsh has taken it to the next level with her fragrance titled Boyfriend. The Private Practice star told WWD that she came up with the idea after a breakup: She missed his scent.

In case you’re wondering (as we were!), the scent is still a feminine one:

In the fragrance creation process, Kate was inspired by the scent of a “guy on a girl,” and combined notes of amber and woods with a bright floral scent that women love. The fragrance has a bright muguet floralcy with dark plum and myrrh on top, with night-blooming jasmine.

Sounds intriguing. Look for its launch on HSN November 11 and 12, 2010.

This could be a dream come true: A boyfriend who is always there — and a scent that never leaves.

What do you think of this idea? Would you wear it? Leave us your comments!

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