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4 Nail trends to try this fall

Nail polish on a woman can change as often as her shoes. That’s the best part of nail polish – it’s never permanent. That’s why we want to try these nail trends for fall just to say we did. We might even keep a few for the seasons to come.

Half Moon Manicure

Most recently popular on the Spring 2011 runways this is a trend we don’t want to wait to try.

Ombre manicure

Ombre is showing up everwhere from clothing to hair and now nails. Pick your favorite, mix a few drops of black and white to create the perfect gradation on your fingertips.

Matte color

A different look to the always shiny and gives your polish an edge. With now matte top coats available to turn any color matte get experimentive and try painting just one stripe down your nail to get a matte contrast.

Minx Nails

Made popular by Beyonce, minx nails are color and/or patterned films (inspired by Nascar decals) that are heated to the nail. They come in every pattern or image imaginable.

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