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Celebrity-inspired Halloween costumes from Etsy

In the last year, several celebrities haven’t waited for Halloween to costume themselves. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Snooki are just a few we envision as big Halloween hits this season — and they’ve inspired Etsy artists to recreate their looks. Here are a few of our favorites.

Lady Gaga lobster head costume

Lady Gaga continues to shock and surprise us with outfit after outfit. No doubt, she will be one of the most copied pop artists come October 31st. The biggest problem with dressing up like her is deciding which costume to re-create. One Etsy artist chose to replicate the iconic lobster head piece. Thank you, Lady Gaga, for making shellfish wearable!

Katy Perry cupcake costume

Katy Perry may be every boy’s teenage dream, but somehow she pulls off her cobalt blue wig in reality, too. We applaud her daring style and are anxious to see more Katy Perry-inspired costumes like this, complete with a matching hair band.

Snookie costume

Ohhh, Snookie — if only she could be categorized as an artist like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Unfortunately, she’s just one of a kind. Not too much is involved in becoming Snookie for Halloween. A mini dress, spray tan, rhinestone glasses from a clever Etsy seller and — poof! — there’s that Snookie look, easy peasy.

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