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Fun ways to celebrate Boss’s Day 2010 on a budget


How can you celebrate National Boss’s Day 2010 without spending a fortune? Try a few of these ideas and weigh in with a few of your own.

National Boss's Day 2010 Michael Scott

National Boss’s Day is officially on Oct. 16 — but that day falls on a Saturday. Never fear! Many offices are celebrating the day on Friday Oct. 15. Phew!

If you’re one of those lucky people who have an amazing boss — but not a lot of money to get a gift — we got you covered. Here are a few inexpensive ways to celebrate Boss’s Day 2010 on a budget.

Free Printable eCards

One of the easiest — and most meaningful — ways to celebrate National Boss’s Day is to give a heartfelt card thanking your boss. Yes, we know — cards in stores can cost anywhere from $3 to $8 or more. But, many websites offer free printable ecards that you can print and give within minutes. Blue Mountain and American Greetings are a couple of websites that offer free printable ecards, but a simple web search will bring up dozens of more sites to choose from. Or, if your boss has a sense of humor, send him a card from the hilarious Some eCards. Just be sure to keep it clean!

Office Potluck

Who doesn’t like food? Set up an office potluck for lunch on Boss’s Day and have each staff member bring in a dish, condiment or utensil for everyone to enjoy. Set up a conference room as a dining area and print off photos of your boss, Happy Boss’s Day banners and other decorations from various websites to help set the mood. The cost? You’ll have to spend the money on food or condiments, but since the price is spread out among everyone it won’t be that expensive.

“Dress Like the Boss”

The sincerest form of flattery is imitation. So, if your boss is known for wearing a certain piece of clothing (suspenders, pearl necklace — whatever,) plan to have everyone dress up like the boss on National Boss’s Day. Part of the fun is letting your boss figure this out on his own — so only do it if your boss has a good sense of humor and will respond well to light ribbing.

Weigh in — how will you celebrate National Boss’s Day 2010 on the cheap?

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