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The new Gap logo is gone

GAP announced their decision on Monday to return to their original iconic logo. Did the controversy surrounding the new GAP logo influence their decision, or was it all advertising strategy?

Original Gap Logo

GAP ignited a firestorm of criticism last week when they unveiled a new Gap logo that looked like the work of a second grade art student.

Now, it looks like GAP executives understands the power of their iconic logo – yesterday they announced their decision to revert back to the logo they’ve used for more than two decades.

Why Change in the First Place?

The decision to incorporate a new GAP logo came after the retailer reported sluggish retails sales over the past several quarters. The company claimed the new logo would help spurn a renewed interest in the retailer.

That it did, but not in a good way.

Everyone from advertising industry insiders to fashion lovers chimed in their distaste for the new GAP logo.

New Gap logo

Advertising publication AdAge summed up the collective hatred nicely, calling the new GAP logo “something a child created using a clip-art gallery.”

Saving Face, or All Part of the Master Plan?

GAP initially responded to the new logo controversy by asking for their fans’ help on their Facebook page.

“We know this logo created a lot of buzz and we’re thrilled to see passionate debates unfolding! So much so we’re asking you to share your designs. We love our version, but we’d like to … see other ideas.”

And that’s where they left it until Monday, when they announced their decision to return to the old white-letters-on-blue-background logo.

“O.K.,” the company posted on Facebook. “We’ve heard loud and clear that you don’t like the new logo.”

“We’ve learned a lot from the feedback,” the statement said. “We only want what’s best for the brand and our customers.” As a result, it ended, “we’re bringing back the Blue Box tonight.”

But, what appears to be a big public relations gaffe might actually be a brilliant — yet backward — stunt to get GAP back into view.

And it worked. Everyone was talking about the GAP last week — even your grandpa who hasn’t stepped foot inside a clothing store since 1978.

Their sales are also up, big time.

So, is the joke on us after all?



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