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Expert tips on how to look younger

You can’t stop Father Time, but you can slow him down a little bit. We consulted some top celebrity stylists and makeup artists to get some professional insight and celeb secrets to looking younger. Instead of spending your money on expensive treatments or procedures, follow these expert haircare and makeup tips.

Sandra Bullock

tips from celeb stylist gad cohen

Celebrity stylist Gad Cohen has worked with dozens of top stars, from Ashley Judd and Heather Locklear to Sandra Bullock and Cindy Crawford. Cohen offers these tips for younger-looking hair.

Remember the 3 Cs:

Cut: You’re looking for polished hair without the fuss! The cut determines the style, and for women of a certain age, it’s important to have a haircut that is age appropriate. Go no longer than the collarbone, with imperceptible layers around the face.

Color:  Like makeup, hair color should never deviate too far from your natural coloring. Those with yellow undertones should avoid the reds; for pale skin with blue and/or red undertones, go for some red to warm up skin. Blond on blond can look youthful without being over-processed; go lighter on top and darker underneath for a youthful sunkissed look. Hair color should enhance the color of your skin.

Condition: Conditioning the hair makes the color and cut look polished and healthy, and therefore, younger. Use good-quality shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type (color-treated, dry, etc.). At least once a month, treat your hair, especially during the colder months when the hair and scalp are prone to dryness. One of the best treatments is Katira Hair Masque by Philip B. It comes in gel form, and you leave it for several hours before rinsing.

Last but not least: Color your eyebrows, which fade and gray with age. Give your brows some attention, and alleviate the need for the eyebrow pencil!

tips from makeup artist keira karlin

Makeup artist Keira Karlin has worked with top names in the entertainment industry for 20 years on numerous TV shows including Saturday Night Live, Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, The Larry King Show, Iron Chef and Essence of Emeril for the Food Network. In commercials, print, film and high-def TV, she is known for her flawless makeup application. Keira offers these makeup tips for a younger-looking you.

How to look younger:

Reverse Liner from DuWop

Add some shimmer: Highlight the upper cheekbone area with a light champagne shimmer. Karlin’s favorite: Make Up For Ever Star Powder. This technique draws attention to the eyes and gives the cheek a subtle glow.

Don’t overdo it: Don’t apply powder all over your face. Instead, use a very finely milled powder such as T. Le Clerc or Make Up For Ever High Definition Powder only where you need it.

Keep lipstick dewy: Matte looks tend to age women. If you have a problem with fine lines on the upper lip (like most women over 40), try the Reverse Liner from DuWop or Borderline Anti-Feathering Lip Liner from Too Faced. They go just outside the lip line to keep everything in its place.

Beauty how-to

Makeup tips & tricks to look younger

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