How to keep dog and cat hair under control

If you’re tired of walking into work with dog and cat hair covering your black pants, it’s time to take back control from your four-legged friends. Of course, most pets naturally shed hair, but by following these basic grooming and pet care tips, you can reduce the amount of pet hair in your home.

Dog being groomedStep : Schedule regular checkups

Excessive hair shedding can be a sign of disease. To keep your pets healthy and keep their hair under control, schedule regular visits to your veterinarian. Based on your pets’ skin and hair coats, the vet will be able to identify any problems and provide an effective treatment, if needed.

Step : Pay attention to diet

To help keep dog and cat hair under control, pay extra attention to your pets’ diet. Pets wear their health on their coats, so be sure to feed them quality food with plenty of protein sources. Avoid frequently changing foods since this can affect the health of their coats.

Step : Brush your pet consistently

When it comes to keeping dog and cat hair under control, it’s important to brush your pet regularly with the right brush. Brushing daily with a shedding comb helps eliminate loose hairs from the undercoat, which minimizes shedding. Check with your veterinarian to find out which brushes work best on your pet’s coat.

Step : Cover up

If your pets are allowed to cuddle on couches, chairs, beds, and car seats you may want to invest in several furniture throws and car seat covers to keep dog and cat hair under control. Without covers, pet hair will stick to upholstery and car seats. Leave the throws on when the furniture isn’t being used, then bundle them up when the family’s ready to sit down for movie night.

Step : Vacuum regularly

When pet hair piles up on your floors, avoid sweeping them with a broom. Instead, use a vacuum to keep pet hair under control. Keep allergies at bay by regularly vacuuming carpets, throw rugs, and furniture.

Step : Monitor the kitchen and vents

Pull out your refrigerator every few months in order to vacuum underneath and behind it. Pet hair tends to build up under fridges and block the vent, which can shorten the life of your appliance. In addition, replace furnace filters often to help keep dog and cat hair under control. Pet hair can get caught by the filter, lessening the impact of your heating and air conditioning unit.

Step : Wash sheets often

To keep dog and cat hair under control, provide your pet with its own bed. If you simply can’t wean yourself (or your pet) from sharing a bed, be sure to wash your sheets and comforter frequently.

Step : Use a lint roller for a quick fix

If you’re running out the door in a black dress covered by pet hair, reach for a lint roller to keep pet hair under control. You can also use the lint roller on your upholstery or sheets to remove pet hair in a pinch. Act as quickly as you can, newly shed hair is easier to remove.

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