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How to clean house in less than 30 minutes

Does cleaning house seem like a daunting chore with never enough time? Fear not, overwhelmed momma! When it comes to speed cleaning, it’s all about time management and prioritizing. Yes, it is possible to clean house in less than 30 minutes! Check out these simple steps to achieving a clean house in record time. Ready, set, clean!

Woman with dishwasherStep 1: Load it up

First things first: cleaning house in less than 30 minutes requires major multitasking. Before you begin cleaning house, add a load of laundry to the washer. This way, you’ll get more done in-between loads and be caught up on laundry lickety-split!

Step 2: Eliminate the clutter

Kick off your house cleaning spree by spending several minutes picking up the clutter from each room of the house. Grab an empty laundry basket and bring it with you as you walk from room to room. Throw in any items (like shoes or toys) that don’t belong. Once you’re done, call in the troops for help putting the collected items in their proper storage places.

Step 3: Freshen the entryway

Now that your counters and floors are clear of clutter, you’re that much closer to a clean house in less than 30 minutes! Spend a few minutes shaking out your entry rug, then, grab your cordless vacuum to nab any dust or hairs lurking in the corners.

Step 4: Tackle the bathrooms

The bathrooms are probably the most dreaded part of cleaning house. But, by including them in your 30-minute cleaning spree every few days, you’ll make the task much more bearable. Spend several minutes in each bathroom. First, pour toilet bowl cleaner into each toilet and let it sit per the cleaner’s instructions. While you’re waiting, clean and disinfect sinks and tubs, spray and wipe the mirrors with glass cleaner, and vacuum loose hairs. Remove old towels and replace with clean ones. Quickly scrub each toilet and wipe with a flushable toilet cleaner pad.

Step 5: Clean that kitchen

First, load the sink with pots and pans that need to be washed. Let them soak while you tackle the rest of the kitchen. Spend a few minutes loading the dishwasher, then use multi-surface wipes to clean the countertops and the stovetop. Remove dirty dish towels and replace them with fresh ones. Call in your little helpers to assist with drying the dishes after you wash them. Cleaning house in less than 30 minutes calls for teamwork!

Step 6: Straighten up the family room

Your family practically lives in this room, which makes it tough to keep clean. Spend a few minutes locating the remote, fluffing the pillows and cushions, organizing magazines in your basket or rack, and eliminating pet hairs with a lint roller. Refold and store blankets in a chest or closet until your next movie night.

Step 7: Nix the dust

Finish off your clean house in less than 30 minutes mission by grabbing a duster and moving from room to room. Opt for an extendable duster to reach high corners and low baseboards.

Time’s up! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your fresh, clean house.

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