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How to teach your kids to be organized

Having kids can be tough enough as it is, but when they are unorganized, it can be even worse. Something simple like finding a toy or an outfit can become a real chore if everything is out of place. Learning how to teach your kids to be organized isn’t difficult and you’ll be well on your way by following a few simple steps.

Child leaving with lunchboxStep 1: Set a good example

Monkey see, monkey do—so if you’re not organized, your kids will follow in your footsteps. Nothing is worse than being stressed and kids pick up on nonverbal cues, so try to organize your own life and your kids will follow suit.

Organizing extends not only to the household, but to activities and finances too. Encourage your kids to help you with age appropriate tasks such as folding the laundry and simple household chores for the younger ones, all the way up to making a shopping list and managing a budget for older children. With chores come responsibility and teaching kids how their actions affect other family members is critical as they mature.

Step 2: Organize their lives

You’ve probably wondered how to teach your kids to be organized and organizing their lives is key. From making a homework checklist to managing extracurricular activities, show your kids the benefits of being organized.

There is no need to go overboard, but simple things make all the difference in providing structure. For example, checklists can give a sense of accomplishment when it comes to household chores and homework assignments, so encourage your kids to use them. Also, design a schedule so your kids know when it is time to wake up, go to school, study, etc. Helping them settle into a routine will reduce stress from their lives.

Step 3: Get ready the night before

Ever wake up late and have to rush around like a maniac trying to get the kids ready for school? The little guy’s shoe is missing and the older one can’t find his homework! Your mornings don’t have to start out this way.

Make sure the important tasks are done the night before, such as packing the kids’ backpacks for school and laying out clothing for the next day. By getting things ready in advance, you’re showing your kids the importance of planning and teaching them life skills they can use in all aspects of life. Be consistent and they will start organizing the night before without any prodding on your part. Don’t forget to praise them for a job well done!

Figuring out how to teach your kids to be organized as early as possible is important because it will set the foundation for the rest of their lives. Get started today!

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