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How to install a vanity

One of the easiest ways to redo your bathroom is to install a vanity (it will also give you extra storage space). Here are a few how-to tips on remodeling your shower space:

Bathroom vanityStep 1: Measure your bathroom

Before you head to your local design store to find your dream vanity, it’s important to measure the size, shape, and square footage of your bathroom. Take stock of everything, from the measurements of your mirror to your shower stall. You’ll also have to measure your water pipes (the vanity will have to fit over the top of them and the water spouts will have to be connected within it).

Step 2: Go shopping

Once you have all of your measurements and know the lay of the land in your bathroom, visit a local design store to pick out the unit that’s right for you. Keep storage and style in mind when looking around.

Step 3: Get sawing

Once you’ve found your vanity and brought it home, it’s time to get measuring and sawing. Based on the placement of the water spouts, you’ll want to saw holes in your vanity (so the pipes can fit through the unit). Holes should be sawed a little larger than pipes (for a bit of give). Once your holes are cut, slide the vanity over your pipes and push it against the wall.

Step 4: Affix the unit to your wall

Now that the unit is in place, you’ll want to secure it to the wall. Use a stud finder to ensure you’re securing it to a load-bearing location (load-bearing studs are stronger and can hold more weight than just the drywall). From there, drill screws into the wall, attaching them to the clips on the back of the vanity.

Step 5: Install the rest

Once your vanity structure is in place and is secure, you can add your countertop. This should slide in easily over the top of the unit (and, if you want to make the job even easier, you’ll want to invest in a counter that has the sink affixed to it). With the counter complete, move to your faucets.

Step 6: Hook up your pipes

Now that everything is in place, you’ll want to hook your pipes to your new faucet. All you’ll need is a wrench to tighten everything in place.

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