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5 Ways to take skin from summer to winter

Are you concerned that the glowing, radiant skin you have maintained throughout the summer will turn into the dry “winter itch” as the seasons change? While cold air, high winds, and low humidity contribute to flaky skin, chapped lips, and rough hands and feet, there are things you can do to prevent the dryness that plagues so many people during the winter season. Check out these 5 ways to get your skin winter ready.

Woman with winter skin

1Drink up

It’s natural for people to drink more water during the summer. Drinking water is beneficial all year round, so make sure you don’t slack off on drinking the recommended 8 to 10 glasses of water daily just because your body isn’t sweating from the heat.

Water plays an essential role in keeping a healthy, clear complexion, but cold weather can make us think we’re not thirsty, which is why we may not drink the proper amount of water on a regular basis. So don’t forget to drink up even if you’re not thirsty to keep your body hydrated internally; dehydration can prevent you from retaining your glowing skin.

2Sleeping beauty

Although it may feel cozy to be indoors when it’s freezing outside, turning up the indoor heat often strips away moisture by causing the humidity level to drop.

The lack of humidity in your home can cause itchy skin, but a humidifier can keep your skin moisturized and alleviate dryness. So keep a humidifier in your bedroom so that it hydrates and helps you maintain radiant, beautiful skin while you sleep.


It is essential to stay on top of moisturizing your skin, especially during the winter when your skin is more prone to dryness. Some skin care products that work well for your skin in the summer may not benefit your skin in the winter. Cold weather calls for extra attention in the moisturizing department, which means you may have to switch your skincare products and opt for heavier moisturizers geared toward dry skin.

Moisturize on a daily basis, especially right after you take a bath or shower. Invest in moisturizing body washes and creams with natural ingredients known for alleviating dry, itchy skin such as coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, avocado, and jojoba oil.

4Keep your gloves and lotion handy

When you dress in layers and bundle up in a sweater, scarf, jacket, and hat to protect your body, face, and head from the cold, don’t forget about your hands. Avoid rough hands by investing in a good pair of gloves to keep them warm and protected from harsh cold weather.

Also, make sure your purse is stocked with a rich moisturizing hand cream that you can use throughout the day to keep your hands feeling smooth. It is also a good idea to wear gloves while doing your chores at home—whether it’s washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom—to keep your hands smooth and protected from excessive hot water.

5Sport Your Sunscreen

While you may not hit up the beach on winter weekends, your skin will still be exposed to the sun, whether it’s a sunny day or a snowy winter afternoon. Dermatologists highly recommended that a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 should be worn all year round due to the sun’s rays that can damage skin.

Being in the sun can also increase the dryness of your skin, so find a sunscreen that moisturizes your skin as well. You may spend most of your time indoors during the winter, but when you decide to step outside, make sure you skin is protected.

10Lay off the daily exfoliation

While exfoliation helps fix dry skin, it can also harm it if you do it too often during the dry winter months. Instead of gritty, abrasive scrubs, switch to a gentle buffing cream for weekly exfoliation. Gently removing dead skin build-up will allow your skin to retain moisture and brighten the surface.

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