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10 quick bedroom makeovers for your kids

Does your kid’s room need a little sprucing up? When considering makeovers for kids’ bedrooms, keep these quick and easy room updates in mind so you and your child can transform that bedroom into a creative space that represents a very individual personality. Implementing any of these 10 decor updates for kids rooms will give your children a fresh new place to play, study, stash their stuff, or just hang out.

Tween in funky bedroom

1Start at the beginning

Maybe your child has grown out of her toddler bed or she’s hitting the tween years and desperately wants a place of her own that represents her tastes. “We are all happier and more productive when we are in a space that reflects who we are,” says Gillian Rose of Gillian C. Rose Interior Design, LLC. She suggests “interviewing” your child to determine how she wishes to use her room and what colors and themes she’d most like to see.

2Color their world

“Paint is the easiest, cheapest way to ‘change’ a child’s room,” says Deanna Radaj, lifestyle design consultant and owner of Bante Design — and this includes walls as well as furniture.

3Back to school

Consider using chalkboard paint to create a fun, functional wall section where your kid can write his weekly schedule, draw or even work out a math problem. (Bonus: This is an especially good idea for the littlest kids who still like to “draw on walls.”)

4Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

Swap out or add accessories like an accent rug, throw pillows, wall art or the blanket or comforter, suggests Radaj. For a subtle but effective touch, take a look at the wide selection of drawer pulls offered by Kid’s Décor – just a few of these added to a room will take it from bland to bright.

5Use vertical space

Add some shelving at plate-rail height (typically located toward the upper part of the wall). This is a great way to display awards, trophies, collectibles, toys or stuffed animals. “It’s an easy afternoon project and, as the child ages, what’s displayed can change to reflect their interests,” says Radaj — a kids’ room update that keeps on giving!

6Put a cork in it

Available by the tile or in rolls, cork on the walls is a sound-deadener and acts as a large bulletin board, Radaj explains. So whether you have a loud music-lover on your hands or just someone who has a habit of tacking up their own decorations, this is the best of both worlds for parents and kids, without damaging the walls.

7You’ve got the hook

“Utilizing hooks in a kid’s room is a great way to help teach them to hang their stuff up so it’s not on the floor or all over their bed,” says Radaj, who cautions that it’s especially important to hang the hooks at the kid’s level. “Otherwise, it defeats the purpose.”

8Book it

Is there a spare corner or nook in your kid’s room? This might be just the place to add a colorful, multi-tasking bookshelf. Or even consider built-ins for permanent storage space.

9Hide the evidence

From the moment they’re born, kids begin to accumulate a lot of stuff. Storage is crucial and, believe it or not, implementing it in creative ways can make all the difference in the look of your kid’s bedroom. For the younger sports lover, consider a football-shaped toy box. Or invest in a small storage unit with baskets or bins that can be color-coded or marked for specific items. Organization can make a cluttered room look brand-new.

10Encourage participation

Whatever you do with your children’s bedrooms, if you involve them in the planning process, then encourage their participation in the execution of the updates to help make their bedrooms feel even more like their own private space.

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