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Top beauty secrets

Looking good is no secret. With these quick, simple tips from beauty experts, it’s easy to put your best face forward.

Woman applying eye drops

Make your peepers pop

  • Want your eyes to look bigger? “Line the lower inner rim of your eyes with a nude color eyeliner,” says image consultant Laura Kronen of Be You, Only Better. You will instantly look refreshed and revived.
  • “Wear your your black, brown, or navy liner on top lashes, but have some fun with colors by lining your lower lashes with a fun hue,” suggests Kronen. Smudge it in or mute it with a layer of silver liner over it, and your eyes will dazzle!
  • Kronen recommends specific shades to complement your eye color. “Emphasize blue eyes with toasy suede shades; brown eyes look richer with slate or navy; and green eyes sparkle with purple.”
  • “Look and feel beautiful with false eyelashes,” says celebrity eyelash designer Ja’Maal Buster.
  • Celebrity beauty expert, Darrell Redleaf, makes people look beautiful with makeup, “But no amount of makeup can fix red, bloodshot eyes.” Always keep your eyes looking white and fresh with eye drops.
  • “Get an eyebrow wax,” says Kronen. “Sleek eyebrows open up the face and eyes for an instant lift.”

Ditch heavy makeup

  • “Nothing wrecks an easy, natural look as quickly as heavy foundation and concealer,” says master aesthetician Misha Hughes. Opt for sheer mineral makeup for “just enough coverage and plenty of environmental protection.”
  • “Take good care of your skin,” says Hughes, “and you’ll feel confident in barely-there makeup.”
  • Use bronzer for glow. “Always apply bronzer with a fluffy brush,” advises Kronen, “not with the pad it comes with.” And be sure to apply it all over your face and neck for the most natural look.
  • If you require a little more coverage, perfect your concealer technique. Internationally renowned cosmetic artist Andrew C. Petersen recommends using concealer after—not before—foundation. Apply with a brush, then press the concealer in place. Don’t wipe it away. Use translucent powder to lock everything in place.

Flash a pretty smile

  • “Nothing says beautiful like a bright, white smile. Try one of the many teeth-whitening options on the market,” says Kronen. Options include: home bleaching kits, whitening mouthwashes, toothpastes, and even on-the-go pens.
  • When you brush your teeth, take a few seconds to brush your lips. Brushing exfoliates and increases circulation to make your mouth look younger.
  • For fuller-looking lips, Kronen suggests applying a light, shimmery gloss to the cupid’s bow on your lips.

Glow from within

  • “Get solid sleep,” advises New York City-based aesthetician Andrea DeSimone. “Rested skin is happy skin!”
  • Eat well and drink lots of water. Your complexion is a direct reflection of your diet.
  • Attitude is everything, so be confident. If you feel good, you’ll look good.

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