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Skin care 911

We all wish we could call the beauty police to rescue us from those gory skincare emergencies. Instead, we did a little digging to find the some must-have products to help us in our time of need. Lights and sirens not included.

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Before concealing a blemish use ice to reduce redness and inflammation. Try Vasseur Skincare’s Ice Zit, a mini cold compress tool used to apply the ice comfortably.

Linda Wang, creator of Karuna Skin in Los Angeles, recently launched an anti-blemish mask. This product is made to calm and clear the skin using shiso, a Japanese green leaf, and ginger, which works as a natural antibacterial to deliver blemish-free skin with unprecedented efficacy.

Another product to consider is Kiss Zit Goodbye, says Vasseur Skincare founder Melanie Vasseur. “It’s an ultra-potent glycolic clay mask that quickly eliminates breakouts by absorbing excess oil, killing bacteria and pulling impurities out of the skin. It also contains mandelic acid, azelaic acid, salicylic acid, zinc, and our trademarked vassoclear, which penetrates deeply into the dermis to heal and repair skin,” she says. “If you put Kiss Zit Goodbye on the first sign of a flare up, the blemish will never hit the surface. If you apply it on an existing flare up, it will be clear within 24 hours.”


Scarring is one of the facts of life that appears when life just doesn’t go our way. Linda Wang, creator of Karuna Skin in Los Angeles says her best secret to get rid of scarring is to use Neosporin. Apply daily to watch scarring dissapear.


Rosacea consists of redness and pimples on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead and can be exacerbated by cold winter air, stress, and alcohol, says celebrity makeup artist Khuraira. And there is way to reduce the appearance, says Khuraira. “Green based primers (any brand will do) are specifically designed to diminish the appearance of the web like capillary bruises and redness that is associated with rosacea.”

Under-eye circles

Cucumbers and puffy eyes seem to go together due to the hydrating effect of this veggie, but when it’s time to cover up the dark circles left behind, Khuraira reveals what to look for in your product. “Applying an orange dark circle primer before your concealer neutralizes the shadows through the breakdown of the blue and prevents the darkness from penetrating through. This will also prevent a halo effect,” offers Khuraira.

Dry skin

Gina Pieper, artistic director for Empire Beauty Schools says, “If your skin gets dry like mine does in winter, I recommend having an exfoliator and moisturizer, I love Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub and the Intensive Moisture Balance. If your skin gets flaky, exfoliate to remove the dead shin cells, then moisturize immediately before applying makeup. Just make sure the product you use to exfoliate is okay to be used every day, some are too rough and are to be only used weekly.”

Hollywood makeup artist Brett Freedman of Vanitymark says classic Vaseline works wonders during the winter months. “Try Vaseline on elbows and knees after a shower to fight ashy, dry skin,” he says. “When lips are very parched, apply a touch of aloe to lips at night followed by petroleum jelly on top. The aloe fills in the gaps of the lips and the Vaseline holds it in.”

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