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Winter skin care: 12 Facts you need to know

Goodbye, dewy summer skin. Hello, dry winter skin. Most of us spend the season fighting the environmental factors that make our skin itchy, dull, tight, and generally uncomfortable. Winter skin is unique and winter skin care should be as well. While you’re figuring out a way to uncover a fresh complexion, think about these 12 winter skin truths.

Woman with beautiful skin in a winter trapper hat

12 Things you need to know: winter skin care

Winter skin careSkin is much dryer during the winter

You know this to be true, but do you know why it’s true? Aside from atmospheric dryness, “Exposure to heaters and forced air leaves skin parched,” says Dr. Debra Luftman, a dermatologist in Southern California. “Look for ceramide based moisturizers and apply immediately after your shower to keep skin supple.”

Winter skin careWinter skin requires heavier weight products

When the weather turns colder, consider swapping out your lightweight moisturizer with heavier cream that locks in moisture. This goes for body moisturizer as well. Rather than a pump lotion, a cream in a jar is better able to address your skin’s needs during the winter.

Winter skin careWinter skin can be flaky and dull

Winter can turn skin that was radiant in the summer to a flaky, dull mess. “To remedy a drab complexion, use a humidifier in your house,” says Dr. Luftman. “You want to put as much moisture as possible back into the air.”

Winter skin careWinter is a good time to treat spider and varicose veins

If you have spider or varicose veins and are considering sclerotherapy, winter is a great time to get it done. “Patients will have to wear support stocking for a few weeks, which can be much more uncomfortable in the warmer months,” says Dr. Luftman.

Winter skin care tipWinter skin can be sensitive to hot showers

Although a hot shower in the winter may sound appealing, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by turning up the heat. In fact, you’re stripping your skin of valuable moisture. “Keep showers warm and brief and use a towel warmer to entice a quick exit,” says Dr. Luftman.

Winter skin care tipWinter skin + wet clothes = bad combination

Wet and cold weather conditions can leave your skin in an unhealthy state, especially when exposed to harsh conditions. “Shed wet clothes, especially socks and shoes, as soon as you can to avoid a yeast infection and skin irritation,” says Dr. Luftman. “Also, wear gloves that are thick enough to protect the delicate skin on your hands during winter months.”


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