8 Quick fixes for beauty and hair emergencies

Life moves fast and we don’t always have time to pamper ourselves. When you want to look your best, but you’re short on time, try one of these expert recommended tricks.

Woman upset with hair color

1I don’t have time to shave!

No worries, says hair removal guru Cindy Barshop. Use a less messy, hands-free depilatory cream like Completely Gone. The applicator doubles as a scraper, and the cream moisturizes the skin with shea butter, aloe, and vitamins A and E. You’ll have smooth, hair free legs in minutes and the scent is much nicer than those chemical-ridden drugstore creams.

2I’m out of deodorant!

You just knew there was something you forgot to pick up on your last shopping trip, but a quick stop in the kitchen will save you. Cosmetic Chef David Parker, founder of The Body Deli, suggests rubbing a thin slice of lemon on the underarm area. The citric acid in the lemon will neutralize odor causing bacteria.

3My eyes look sleep-deprived!

Don’t let swollen eyes tell the world you’ve been kept up all night nursing a sick child or soothing a fussy baby. Restore puffy eyes by placing two used green tea bags in the fridge, says Parker. Place tea bags over the eyes and relax for 10 minutes. This little remedy will calm more than just your tired eyes.

4My split ends are showing!

When it’s time to run errands and your split ends are whacking out on you, just grab the olive oil, suggests Parker. Rub a teaspoon between your palms, then run your hands through your hair. The olive oil adds instant shine, conditions the hair, and reduces the appearance of split ends.

5This is not the haircolor I wanted!

You dye your hair at home and the color isn’t even close to what was on the box. Now what? “The more you mess with it, the harder and more expensive it will be to fix,” says Rachel Bodt, senior colorist and educator for Cutler Salon. “The best thing to do is to contact a professional.” Do it within 48 to 72 hours—before the color sets into the cuticle. Many salons do free consultations for color corrections to see how much damage has been done.

6My hair is greasy!

Hair veteran Mark Garrison of the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City offers this simple tip: Use hair spray to dry up oily roots. The alcohol in the spray helps dry up oil. Spray, then brush through your hair so it doesn’t look sticky.

7I overdid it on the mascara!

You were going for a little extra drama and now your eyelashes look like super-hairy spiders. Trying to remove the mascara will just mess up the rest of your makeup. Makeup artist Christopher Drummond has a better solution: Use a toothpick (be careful!) to separate the clumped lashes.

8Look at my yellow teeth!

One look at your smile and it’s obvious you’ve had one too many lattes. You can instantly make your teeth look whiter without at-home whitening treatments or a trip to the dentist. “Any blue-based lipstick will whiten and brighten your teeth with ease,” says James Vincent, director of Education and Artist Relations for The Makeup Show. As an added benefit, even the whites of your eyes will look whiter.

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