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Get your makeup bag ready for winter

As the seasons change, the contents of our makeup bags should, too. Certain cosmetics should be switched out, added, refilled, and replaced with certain seasonal cosmetics and colors. We asked several beauty specialists to reveal tricks to getting your makeup bag ready for winter. Here’s what they have to say.

Woman with holiday makeup

Get a glow

“Warm up your favorite foundation with gel bronzer to look a touch healthier and add shimmer to skin to really shine,” recommends Hollywood makeup artist, Brett Freedman, of Vanitymark. “Try dotting a pencil eraser size amount of bronzer, like Clinique’s non-streak bronzer, along with your favorite foundation to give a very natural looking glow and don’t shy away from shimmer products, just use them sparingly.”

For lighter skinned women, the skin naturally pales over the winter months. However, Philadelphia based makeup expert, Carie Brescia, says to keep the self-tanner, “Let summer fade away gently by using gradual self-tanners for face and body.”


The sun may not be as hot and high as the summer month, but don’t lock away the sunscreen. “So many women come off the beach and put away the sunscreen,” says Brescia. SPF should be used year-round to ward off skin damage.

Choose cream

“Look for skincare products that have the word cream not lotion, says Brescia. “Lotions are always lighter on the skin and we need something with a little more oomph as the temperature starts to drop.”

Add new colors

Gina Pieper, artistic director for Empire Beauty Schools says it’s time to trade makeup colors, “Switch out your summer ‘pinky’ eye shadow and try a plum, or slate color in the crease. Complement this look with a plum tinted or neutral, or clear lip gloss.”

Brescia concurs on color change, “Find that perfect burgundy lipstick. It was all the rage at the fall shows!” she says. However, if you’re afraid of looking too Goth, Brescia recommends other shades. “Try using a plum, raisin, or ruby colored lip gloss instead of a thicker matte lipstick,” adds Brescia.

The right color

“In cold seasons, due to the lack of sun, winter makeup should have a tint that is close to your natural shade, and matches the tone of your skin without being exaggerated,” recommends beauty expert Viviane Aires.

Prepare for the dry weather

“Vaseline is a cure-all and must-have for any gal’s wintertime makeup bag,” says Freedman. Look for products such as Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger makeup primer. It keeps makeup on and hydrates the surface, helping to avoid that crackly dry skin brought on by the cooler months!

As for keeping your makeup looking fresh during the dry winter months, trend reporter, Anna Klassmann De Souza, says, “Moisturize post makeup application with an over makeup mist such as Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger. It seals your makeup and gets rid of the powdery look while keeping it from creasing, flaking, and getting dry. It gives you a nice dewy look!”

Out with the old

Depending upon who you ask, mascara is supposed to be switched out every three to six months. When you throw out your summer mascara, take advice from Samantha von Sperling, director of Polished Social Image Consultants, who suggests ladies replace waterproof mascara with conditioning mascara for the cold months.

Powder please

“Swap out that bronzer for a matte double-duty pressed powder compact in traditional or mineral formula to give you a finished look and a little SPF in a flash,” suggests von Sperling. 100s more of our best beauty tips>>

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