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Date night beauty fixes

When you’ve been looking forward to date night all week, the last thing you need is a beauty dilemma right before the big event. Inevitably, you’ll have to battle with a pre-date beauty disaster or two (or more) over the course of your life. But, an unexpected beauty mishap doesn’t have to ruin your night.

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Katie Betian, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist and industry expert, suggests 5 date night fixes to ensure your night is a beautiful success.

1Blemish be gone

If you wake up on the morning of your date and notice a big pimple, don’t fret. It’s bound to happen at some point. The redness and irritation are the biggest eyesores when it comes to a blemish. “Clean the area completely and dab a benzoyl peroxide cream on the spot,” says Betian. “If you don’t have any, use hydrocortisone, Preparation H, or vitamin E. These anti-inflammatories will help bring the swelling down and make the pimple less noticeable.” You can also try a paste of water and aspirin, which contains a version of salicylic acid.

2Don’t be flaky

Parched skin can appear flaky and extremely dry; the opposite of touchable. The keys to creating a soft, smooth canvas are exfoliation and hydration. “Exfoliation is secondary only to SPF when it comes to beautiful skin,” says Betian. “To smooth away flakes, jump in the shower and use a washcloth with your favorite cleanser. You’d be surprised how effective a washcloth is at exfoliating. Remember, if your cleanser feels like it has sand in it, it’s probably too harsh for your delicate skin.” Add a healthy layer of super-hydrating moisturizer within three minutes of exiting the shower in order to lock in hydration.

3Plump your pout

Of course you want your lips to look their best, especially if the date goes well (hint hint). Delicate lips are extremely susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Nothing is worse than a super dry or chapped pout. “Use a washcloth on your lips as well,” says Betian. “Alternatively, put a layer of Vaseline on and then gently brush them with a toothbrush (not the same one you use on your teeth!). Then swipe on a hydrating balm or gloss.” Avoid long-wearing lipstick formulas because they tend to be a too drying.

4Unruly brows

Often overlooked, eyebrows can really make or break a beautiful face. They don’t need to be perfect, but they do need to be groomed. “If you don’t have time for a brow wax or trim, take a small brow brush or your fingers and brush them up,” says Betian. “With brow or cuticle scissors trim the hairs that are out of line. Then brush them down and repeat the same exercise.” If you’ve over-tweezed or experienced a bad wax job, a brow pencil and powder can help. “Use a pencil if you’re actually missing hair on your brows or a powder if the brows are just sparse in areas,” says Betian. “Use short, small strokes where needed to create more fullness.”

5Address your peepers

Your eyes can’t lie when it comes to sun exposure, lack of sleep, or environmental sensitivities. The resulting puffiness, circles and discoloration can definitely detract from a beautiful complexion. “Concealer is a miracle worker,” says Betian. “A lot of people only put concealer under the eye, but it has awesome benefits around the entire eye. We don’t get sun in every nook of our face, so when you put it as close to the lash line as possible, it can really give you a rested look.” Use a light hand and layer if needed.

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