Girls’ night out guide

Sep 16, 2010 at 7:08 p.m. ET

Do you dream about diapers and daycare? Then it’s time for a girls’ night out! Escape your daily grind and responsibilities for a carefree night with the gals. All it takes is a little planning and creativity to bring on the female bonding. Follow this simple guide to plan a girls’ night out to remember!

Moms night out at bar

Get organized

Are you always the one stuck with planning your monthly girls' night out? Share the love by asking your gal pals to do their part, too. Send out a schedule with open slots for each month, asking each friend to sign up to organize one or two get togethers each year. This will take the pressure off you and increase the variety of your events, too.

When it's your turn, save yourself countless e-mail trails by using Evite. Not only does the site offer free, adorable girls' night out themed templates, but it's a quick and painless way to share important event details and track who's in and who's out.

It's all about location

The right venue or setting can make the difference between a memorable night out and a night you can't forget fast enough. For example, chances are your group of gals likes to chat louder than a library whisper. So, pick a restaurant or club where your excited, laughter-filled conversations won't leave you feeling guilty or obnoxious.

Any of these venues are sure to be a hit with the ladies:

  • A comedy club followed by drinks at a nearby bar for a chance to chat
  • The trendy new bar down the street you've all been dying to try
  • The hot dance club where the eye candy is just as good as the DJ's mixes
  • A concert for your friends' favorite performer or band, followed by a stop at a lively wine bar
  • A fun, themed restaurant providing entertainment and a tasty meal in an unforgettable setting

Whatever location you choose, be sure to call ahead to see if you need a reservation, and to ask about proper attire, parking, and any special events planned.

What to wear?

Speaking of attire, picking your outfit is an important (and fun!) part of the girls' night out experience. To get the party started early, call up your girlfriends and ask them to meet at your house an hour or two early to prep. Swap outfits, help each other with makeup and hair, and sip on some bubbly while toasting to friendship!

Once you know the attire for your location of choice, hit up your closet or local mall to assemble the perfect outfit and accessories. Jazz up your little black dress by pairing it with a statement necklace and red or gold pumps. If the venue is more casual, opt for a pair of sexy black shorts or a mini-skirt paired with a cropped leather motorcycle jacket and booties. Don't be afraid to step outside of your fashion comfort zone to find an outfit that will wow your friends and fellow partygoers. This is your night to shine!

Have fun and let go!

Tonight's about you and your girlfriends! Set aside worries about your duties as team mom, and forget about your endless piles of laundry to focus on your friendships. Of course, it's important to vent to your gal pals (it's only healthy!), but do your best to give 100% of yourself to your friends and the adventures you have planned. You owe it to yourself and your best buds!

What you saidTell us: What's your best piece of advice for a successful girls' night out? Share in the comments below!

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