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What type of car fits your lifestyle?

It all depends on who you are, what you need, and what you want your car to say about you. But for some, a car is simply a means to an end. For others, it’s a statement, an experience, an accessory. And buying one means more than finding the cheapest price or the best crash test ratings. It means finding the right fit, like that perfect pair of jeans.

Here is a list of what the more common car classifications mean and why you might want them.


What it is: The sedan, according to automotive information site,, is still the car style of choice among American car buyers and features the traditional four-door and full trunk car we see everywhere.

Why you want it: If you’re looking for roominess, comfort, and space to carry life’s luggage—groceries, golf clubs, and shopping bags—this car may be the ideal choice. While you may not think sporty when you think sedan, there are some sleek looking vehicles that take classy to a whole new level.


What it is: The two-door coupe is perfect for two with a more intimate interior, less rear seat space and minimal trunk space. It’s not so much designed for practicality as it is for speed, style, and handling.

Why you want it: Sleeker and sexier, the coupe is meant to be lean, fast, and powerful. It’s the kind of car you might buy during a mid-life crisis. The mid-life crisis is not a must, however, and this car is perfect for fun and fast anytime.


What it is: A two-door coupe with a drop down roof.

Why you want it: Okay, you know why you want this—it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s not practical at all.


What it is: The SUV offers car-like maneuverability with truck-like capabilities along with extra space, extra power, and towing abilities.

Why you want it: If you’re towing a boat or carting around a bunch of kids and all their equipment, the SUV might be the vehicle for you. While the SUV has gotten its share of bad press in recent years, it’s still a great choice for a big family on the go.


What it is: Sedan-like in that it’s low to the ground and SUV-like in that it has plenty of space for passengers and cargo.

Why you want it: It’s practical—good mileage per gallon, plenty of space, and easy to handle. While you may not necessarily think of the wagon as a luxury car, a couple of top luxury car makers have included the wagon in their product lines.


What it is: It’s the station wagon’s much cooler brother and the vehicle of choice for many American families. It has the maneuverability of a car coupled with the cargo and passenger space of an SUV, but without the bulk or the gas guzzling tendencies.

Why you want it: If you’re looking for more space than a sedan, more style than a wagon, and better fuel economy than an SUV, the crossover is right up your alley. There are plenty of choices as automakers seem to agree that this is a class in which they can all compete.


What it is: The hybrid vehicle combines the traditional engine with an electrical system for more effective fuel economy and, thus, less gasoline byproducts in the atmosphere.

Why you want it: The hybrid car has been all the rage because of environmental issues and high gas prices, but you may not realize you’re doing your part for the environment from behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle.

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