Top 10 reasons to buy a luxury car

People’s reasons for buying new cars range from needing permanent, reliable transportation to wanting to play with something fun. As you contemplate your next vehicle purchase, consider these top 10 reasons for choosing a luxury car.

They look sleek

It’s true, luxury cars are built for more than serviceability. They’re designed for beauty, speed, comfort and performance. They’re sleeker, sexier and faster than their nonluxury counterparts, and they’re made to be appreciated and admired.

Status & prestige

A luxury vehicle is the physical manifestation of all that hard work you’ve put in at the office, the smart investments you’ve made, and the culmination of that dream. It’s your way of saying to the world and to yourself, “Hey, I’ve arrived!”

The experience

A luxury car elevates driving to an art form. The quiet interior, the purr of the engine, the way the leather seats fit your body, and the feel of the wheel in your hands—these are the things you experience every time you drive a luxury car.

Safety is standard

Features like anti-lock brakes (ABS), side airbags and stability and traction control that tend to be extras on other cars are often standard fare in luxury cars. You’ll also find adjustable pedals, telescoping steering wheels, side-curtain airbags, headrests and tire pressure warning systems.

Better creature comforts

Where else are you going to find perks like heated (and cooled) leather seats, Google Maps search functions, lane departure warning systems, airbags for your knees, massaging and reclining seats, blind spot intervention systems, collision warning systems, cooled storage boxes, self-adjusted suspension, self-parking systems, and much more?

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