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In today’s technological era of email, cell phones, texting, Facebook and Twitter, mixed with an insanely busy social schedule, who has time to sit down and handwrite a letter? The art of penmanship seems nearly dead and a fading part of our past. When was the last time you actually sat down to handwrite a letter of correspondence to someone? It wasn’t that long ago that we weren’t so overcome by technology and we actually took the time to send a letter or thank-you note to keep in touch with friends and family or thank them for a kind gesture or gift. Here’s why it’s time to sit down and write an honest-to-goodness stamp and envelope letter.

Woman writing letter

The art of letter writing lives on

Believe it or not, despite technology pervading every part of our lives, there are people out there who still handwrite letters. We find that older generations tend to stick with the older traditions of letter and thank-you note writing to keep in touch with family and friends. Perhaps it’s because they don’t have computer access or they simply prefer not to use something non-personal like email or texting. What a refreshing concept! In this day and age, a handwritten letter truly speaks volumes to the recipient. It’s personal, heartfelt and thoughtful. Tech-free communication shows the recipient that the writer took the time to step away from her keyboard and busy schedule to reflect upon what she was about to write.

Combining traditional letter writing and technology

Handwriting a note is not just limited to older generations, though. For the most part, if a wedding, party, bridal or baby shower is hosted, you can expect a thank-you note a few weeks after an event. A new trend we’ve seen among modern thank-you note writers has actually combined the past with the present in creating thank-you notes that are pre-printed with a personal message on the inside which they mail to guests.

New stationery is eye-catching and irresistible

With the times changing, those who still handwrite letters or notes will find that stationery has also evolved. Designs have transformed from traditional top-fold or flat neutral color notes to full-color, vibrant, almost art-like creations that truly reflect the personality of the sender. These new designs are so unique, fun and personal that it almost makes the stationery holder make excuses to correspond with family and friends just to share the fun stationery designs.

Start a letter writing tradition & touch your loved ones

Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten letter? What about the feeling you had inside when you realized that the sender had thought about you and took the time out of her busy schedule to handwrite you a note? Receiving a letter from a friend or family member is truly a kind, warm gesture that is not overlooked. Get inspired! Keep in touch with an old friend and let her know how much she means to you by sending a letter or note to stay in touch. You just might break the e-mail cycle and start a new, more meaningful tradition of your own!

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