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Kids clothes basics to stock up on

Children grow so quickly, and keeping them in clothes that fit gets expensive. Kids want the latest trends, of course, but they need the basics, too. While your kids are eyeing cool new designs, you can work behind the scenes to make sure they’re well stocked with essentials.

1Little girls underwearUnderwear

Young kids are amused by underwear featuring cartoon characters or days of the week, but tweens and teens — although picky about what they’ll wear — would rather not discuss the subject with you. Your child will wear (and, we hope, change) undergarments on a daily basis, so stock up. The most affordable way to do so is by buying in bulk. Well known underwear brands are sold in affordable multi-packs across a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors and patterns. You may find that you can buy five (or six or seven) pairs of briefs or two training bras for the price of one. Stock up so you don’t have to do laundry as often. And when you score a big coupon or sale, buy a few in the next size up for your child’s next growth spurt.





Socks serve a humble purpose: They cushion and protect your child’s feet from stinky, irritating shoes. But socks are available in so many delightful styles and designs that they don’t have to be boring! Keep a ready supply of kids’ socks for every occasion — white athletic socks to wear with sneakers, funky knee socks for boots, and plain dark socks for dress shoes. Go a little crazy and buy some baby socks that look like shoes or mismatched socks (they do exist) for your teen. Each child should have one dresser drawer (or storage bin or under-the-bed box) just for socks.

3White tshirts for kidsT-shirts

This is a huge category that does not include undershirts. Your kids will wear T-shirts in a variety of ways: as athletic shirts and pajama tops, with other shirts for layering, under those had-to-have-’em-but-they’re-so-itchy sweaters, as personal statements, as fashion statements — and they’ll wear them simply alone for casual comfort. Tees can be fitted or loose, long or short sleeved, white or colorful, plain or decorated. And the great thing about T-shirts is that, the more you wash them, the better they feel.


Folded jeans

Jeans rule as casual bottoms. They’re the most popular casual pants for babies through teens. Like T-shirts, jeans come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes. There are jeans your kid wears so often they get holes, and jeans that already have holes in them when you buy them. Jeans can be flared, skinny, boot cut or loose fit. And they’re not always blue! Kids wear jeans with sneakers, loafers, Mary Janes, boots and stilettos. Jeans are perfect for school, play, dates — most anything.

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