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15 Quick tips for saving money on kids’ clothes

Just because kids grow like weeds doesn’t mean that you have to go broke when stocking their closets. So, before you try to convince your little guy that boys can wear pants like capris, too, check out these 15 quick tips for saving money on children’s clothes.

Mom and little girl with shopping bags

1Sale frenzy

Retail establishments often stock stores one season ahead, so waiting until your little guy really needs that season’s clothes will give you the opportunity to hit major sales and the clearance racks.

2Shop ahead

Take saving one step further and shop at the end of this season for next year’s sizes. “To be honest, I buy most of my daughter’s wardrobe the year ahead of time when everything has gone on clearance,” says Linda of

3Outlets & discount department stores

You can pick up overstocked and end-of-season items for a steal when you shop strategically.

4Hand-me-down unisex clothing

If your kids are different sexes, opt for unisex clothing that you can pass down.

5Buy online

Shopping for the best deals is easier online than on foot.

6Versatile bottoms

Adaptable pieces, such as jeans, plaid shorts and jeggings, can be mixed and matched with many outfits.

7Layered tops

Buy tops that can be layered, such as tanks, button-up shirts and solid t-shirts, to stretch your kiddo’s wardrobe.

8Go adjustable

Pieces you can modify, such as adjustable waist shorts and pants, can grow with your youngsters.

9Apply for store credit cards

A store credit card commonly gives you a discount on your first purchase, and stores often offer special discounts and sales for card members.

10Sign up for clothing store clubs

Joining a store’s “club” can make you privy to special rebates and freebies, usually at no cost to you.

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