Toddler toys for learning and fun

Looking for toys that are so much fun that your toddler won’t even realize he’s learning? Here are our picks for toddler toys that teach and entertain.

Mom and toddler playing with blocks

Toddlers learn from toys that let them problem solve, construct, sequence and create,” says pediatrician and author Ari Brown, MD, a contributor to “It doesn’t have to high tech. Look for toys that let your child use his brain.” Here are a few that will give your toddler a chance to learn while having a blast:

1Stand and play musical activity table

These fun tables offer visual stimulation and motor skill development while playing a catchy tune. Some offer ample opportunity to learn about letters, numbers and colors as kids bounce to the beat of learning.

2Phonics toys

Toys that teach him about letters and letter sounds will keep him ahead of the curve. Bonus: Toys that attach to the fridge keep your tot entertained while you’re making a meal.

3Interactive plush toys

These soft singing and flashing toys are sure to be your little one’s new pals. In a variety of animals and features, many offer entertainment through songs coupled with exposure to shapes and colors.


Wooden, plastic, foam or paper, blocks will expand your toddler’s imagination and help him develop his motor skills.

5Building toys

Stackable, interlocking bricks — perfectly sized for a toddler’s hands — can open the floodgates of your child’s imagination. Whether soft and flexible or plastic, building toys will help develop his motor skills while he has tons of fun.

6Wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles can help develop your toddler’s concentration, fine motor, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and abstract thinking skills as she figures out which shapes fit where.

7Shape sorter

What toddler doesn’t like to fill things up and dump them out? This fun learning toy comes in a broad variety of shapes, sizes and features, teaching your little one about shapes, sorting and colors.

8Stacking cups

Whether in the tub or on dry land, nesting toys such as stacking cups are great for teaching your kiddo about counting and object permanence while developing basic motor skills.

9Magnet letters

Your little tyke will step up the learning and fun when he interacts with classic refrigerator magnet letters. Work together to optimize learning and to ensure letters don’t become a choking hazard.

10Stacking rings

These colorful rings will stimulate your tot’s senses, help develop his motor skills, and advance his cognitive abilities, just as they did when you were a kid yourself!

Quick TipToys can help toddlers learn as they play, but the way you interact with your child is just as important as the toy with which he’s playing. So, remember to get down and play with your youngster; you may be surprised to see what you learn!

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