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Tips for buying organic baby clothing

Want to go green with your baby’s wardrobe by dressing her in organic clothes? Outfitting your little one in organic baby clothing is not only good for the environment — it is good for your bundle of joy. Discover more about organic baby clothes with these tips for buying organic baby clothing.

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What is organic baby clothing?

Organic baby clothes are made from sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled cotton, soybean fiber and bamboo:

  • Organic cotton: Cotton that is grown, farmed and processed without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, and has a low impact on the environment.
  • Recycled cotton: Cotton that would otherwise be cast off during processing is recovered and made into recycled cotton. No harsh chemicals are used to process recycled cotton, making it an ideal eco friendly textile.
  • Soybean fiber: Made from the soybean pulp left over from the production of tofu and soymilk, soybean protein fiber is thought to be healthy and nutritional for your skin.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo, which grows at up to 4 feet per day, is naturally antimicrobial and doesn’t require any pesticides or chemicals to grow.

Benefits of organic baby clothing

  • Free and clear: Organic clothes are made with chemical-free fibers, putting only Mother Nature against Baby’s cheek. “The inks and dyes used in clothing are just as important as the fibers,” advises Terrie Owen of “Look for clothing that uses water-based inks.”
  • Longer lasting: Free from all the chemicals and processing that conventional clothing undergoes, organic fibers stand up better in the wash. This translates to clothes that last longer.
  • Good for the planet, too: Chemical-free organic clothes are not only better for your baby, but better for the environment, too. The processes used to farm and produce organic baby clothing skip the pollution and chemicals used for conventional cotton, which equals a big win for both your baby and Planet Earth.

How to find organic baby clothes

Shirts, pants, socks, pajamas and more are available in organic cotton. Surfing the Web is the easiest way to seek out organic baby clothes; however, many traditional retailers are stepping up when it comes to selling planet-friendly duds. Ask store associates to point you in the right direction for these green garments.

“Unfortunately, the USDA organic label that is used to show organic food is not used on organic clothing,” says Honor Schauland, campaign assistant for the Organic Consumers Association. “Look for the statements ‘100% Organic,’ as well as ‘Certified Organic.’ Consumers can also look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Label.”

Or, check out the Organic Consumers Association for a list of retailers that sell organic baby clothing.

Buying organic clothing for your baby is a great way to reduce the toxins to which your baby is exposed on a daily basis. Even if you cannot go organic with her entire wardrobe, a few pieces can make a big difference to the health of both your wee one and Planet Earth. And, that’s a benefit that will last a lifetime!

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